Our farm - Selvanuova, Farming for Nature

Our farm

Dry-stone wall at Selvanuova, Farming for Nature


Our farm is composed of several plots covering 5 hectares in Puglia, near Alta Murgia National Park, southern Italy.

We have about 1,000 olive trees, mostly of a local variety called Coratina, renowned for the high antioxidant content of its extra virgin olive oil.

Since May 2016, we take care of these olive groves, which have been in our family for two generations, thereby continuing the family tradition of farming.

As we are trained in biology and agronomy, converting the land to organic farming seemed a natural way to proceed.


Nestbox for great tit, blue tit, house sparrow, tree sparrow


For us, Selvanuova means a new way of farming trees, adopting practices consistent with organic farming and applying known principles of ecology.

While our olive groves are already dotted with fig trees, almond trees and other fruit trees, we are planting native trees for greater biodiversity.

We are also contributing to wildlife conservation by creating habitats for wild animals and plants, adding nest boxes for birds and bat houses for insect control.

As per EU standards, the conversion period to organic farming will take 3 years, after which our products will be officially certified as organic.


Wildlife at Selvanuova, Farming for Nature