Native tree planting project – Selvanuova

Native tree planting project

Today we have applied for funding under the Rural Development Programme of Puglia, in order to get co-financing for the creation of ecological infrastructures in one of our plots.


The project includes the creation of tree hedges, made up of 257 trees and shrubs belonging to 30 different species. These hedges will serve multiple purposes, such as supporting wildlife, increasing agro-ecosistem resiliency, boosting pollinators, improving soil fertility.

In addition, a 64-square-metre pond will be created. This will be filled with water from the cooperative well, and will attract, host and sustain a wide range of wildlife, including frogs, toads, newts, snakes, birds, bats and other wild animals. 


The call for proposals is quite competitive and selective, so let's keep fingers crossed, we will let you know the results of the evaluation process.

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