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Did you know that ripe cherries are black?

If you immediately associate ripe cherries to the colour red, you have probably never seen fully ripe cherries. As their shelf life is very limited, they are usually not placed on the market. They are dark purple, almost black, coloured, and they taste incredibly sweet.


Right at the end of the cherry season, we pick our ripest organic cherries, those spared from golden orioles and other wildlife living in our organic orchards. Today we have been picking our very last cherries and making the last round of cherry jam, which is also the best cherry jam for this year.

Ingredients: just our extra ripe cherries, fresh lemon juice and a small amount of organic unrefined cane sugar (panela, approximately 2.5 kg for each 30 kg of cherries).

Thanks to the innovative equipment we use, the ingredients are processed in vacuum and at low temperature (approximately 60°C). In this way, the vitamins of fruit are better retained than in the traditional processing; we don’t need to add pectins and we use only a small amount of sugar.

Natural and nature-friendly cherry extra jam, only at Selvanuova!

Three jar sizes are available:

40 g, price € 1.50

370 g, price € 5.10

440 g, price € 5.70


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