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Exceptional cherry harvest for supreme cherry extra jam

Our farm is composed of five plots of land. In order to increase biodiversity, we always grow olive trees in association with fruit trees. In one of these plots, there are 21 cherry trees of different varieties: Fuciletta, Burlat, Giorgia, Ferrovia. We take care of them according to organic farming standards: just pruning, one copper treatment in winter, spreading organic manure, and trimming the weeds underneath every four to six months (we do our best to minimise disturbance to wildlife).

This year the weather, with enough cold and rainfall, has been ideal for a fruitful spring awakening of cherry trees. Thanks to our wildlife-friendly management, bees and wild pollinators did a great job in converting most of flowers into delicious fruits. Nature gave us a generous cherry harvest, so these days we are picking our cherries.



Immediately after the harvest, we bring our cherries to a food laboratory owned by a friend of us (Pasticceria Angelo Mastrangelo in Canosa di Puglia) to process them into cherry jam.


Freshly picked cherries are carefully washed and then pitted, and poured into the processing machine along with fresh lemon juice and a small amount of organic unrefined cane sugar (panela from Ecuador, approximately 2.5 kg for each 30 kg of cherries). Thanks to the innovative equipment we use, the ingredients are processed in vacuum and at low temperature (approximately 60°C). In this way the vitamins of fruit are better retained than in the traditional processing, plus we don’t need to add pectins and the amount of added sugar required is really minimal. The following steps consist in filling the jars, capping and pasteurising them at the right temperature.







Our cherry extra jam is now ready. Our jam qualifies as extra jam according to EU rules, as its fruit content exceeds 45% (instead of 35% as a general requirement for jams). We use approximately 180 g of fruit to produce 100 g of jam.

Three jar sizes are available:

40 g, price € 1.50

370 g, price € 5.10

440 g, price € 5.70



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