A tree seed shower – Selvanuova

A tree seed shower

The main purpose of Selvanuova is to support wildlife on our farmland. In this perspective, trees play a fundamental role, both as target species and as providers of key resources for many other species.

A few days ago we received this parcel from the UK.


We already knew it was the delivery of an order we placed a week earlier on a quite unique online store: http://www.treeseedonline.com/

We ordered a long list of tree seeds:

Field Maple (acer campestre)

Select Seed Quantity: 5 grams

Montpellier Maple (acer monspessulanum)

Select Seed Quantity: 1 gram

Italian Alder (alnus cordata)

Select Seed Quantity: 0.2 gram

Manna Ash (fraxinus ornus)

Select Seed Quantity: 1 gram

Wild Service Tree (sorbus torminalis)

Select Seed Quantity: 1 gram

Large Leaved Lime (tilia platyphyllos)

Select Seed Quantity: 5 grams

Cilician Fir, Syria Fir (abies cilicica)

Quantity: 1 gram

Cedar of Lebanon (cedrus libani)

Quantity: 1 gram

Common Juniper (juniperus communis)

Select Seed Quantity: 1 gram

Bosnian Pine, (pinus heldreichii (leucodermis)

Select Seed Quantity: 1 gram

Corsican Pine (pinus nigra maritima)

Select Seed Quantity: 0.5 gram


This was the content of the envelope:


A tree seed shower is falling onto Selvanuova!

We want to increase tree diversity in our farmland by planting native trees or other tree species that may exert key functions for wildlife.

We are well aware that tree seeds sourced from local forests should be preferred. However, several tree species are so rare that it is quite difficult to find them in the wild in our region. Therefore we have opted for sourcing them from a retailer. Of course, seeds found in local woodlands will be added for common tree species.

Seed pre-treatment has already started and in a few weeks we will set up the nursery.

It is a very slow process: the new seedlings will be ready to be planted in our farmland within 2-4 years! 

We will keep you updated on the progress of this activity.

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